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Who is Pixl Solutions

Set up by a group of serial entrepreneurs as the development and marketing arm for the Southeast Asia market, Pixl Solutions helps to power some of the fastest growing mobile services in the world with a strong specialty in network security and privacy protection.

With tens of millions of paying customers endorsing our capabilities, Pixl Solutions strives to help our partners achieve great success through our commitment to excellence in what we do.

What is a simple, low lag, high availability , cost-effective and secured network solution? It's called Pixl

Who is Pixl Solutions

Next generation communication algorithms and technologies to enable low lag and high available network access


Mature product to enable low effort infrastructure re-construction


Smart and visualized operation automation enables best customer experience

Why Pixl

Comprehensive Technical Solutions and Services

The New WAN

Extreme Low Lag

No more security concern

No more out of control

One Stop Solution

Effortless Infrastructure Construction

Costless Deployment

Limitless Expansion

Endless Improvement

Operational Agility

Global Network with 1000+ Nodes

Smart & Visualized Operation Automation

Empower interaction-demand APP

Success Cases

Global IDC Synchronization Network

One Week to build global IDC synchronization network

50% data transfer speed faster

30% Network operation cost down

Global Live Broadcast Platform Network

Services tens of thousands of live streaming sessions

10M+ viewers in 70+ countries

Dying for working with geeks?

We love crazy smart people and we breathe collaboration as it is deeply baked into our work flows. You will be teamed up with people scattered around the world to help solve interesting problems. These people, mostly engineers and scientists, are true experts in their fields with many years of hands-on experience.

Please search ‘Pixl Solutions’ on Linkedin and Jobstreet to find out our open positions or directly send your Resume to We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Company Address

22 Cross Street, Singapore, S048421